Jim and Lois Wyant

We love creating images that families will cherish for years. We ourselves have three boys, now men, that are spread out across the United States and we completely understand the importance of capturing great memories when we are together. We want to help bring a smile to your face every morning when you sit with your coffee and look up on your wall to see your family together, showing love, smiles and the joy of being together. Contact us to save those memories while your family is out doing life.

A Bit About Us:

We have three amazing boys and three beautiful daughters in love (love brought them to our family – not law)

We are so blessed with our family.  They live on opposite sides of the country; Maui, Seattle, Raleigh NC, so when we do get a chance to get together Lois’ mommy heart is very full of love.

Favorite places to visit

  • Western states
  • Maui, Seattle and Raleigh to visit the boys
  • Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on the Big Island – LOVE IT!
  • “Real Life" cities, away from tourist attractions.
  • European cities

Favorite Date

Either: movie, picnic or a walk.

Favorite Restaurant

For very special occasions:  St. Elmo’s

For every day items:  Agave, La Hacienda and Number One Chinese Buffet, oh yeah and pizza.

More About Our Photography Accomplishments:

Lois and I have developed credentials through professional photographic competitions. Together we are one of Indiana’s most award winning studios on a state, regional and national level. Some of our most prestigious awards include:

  • 14 Kodak Gallery Awards
  • 15 Fuji Masterpiece Awards
  • Indiana Photographer of the Year
  • images selected for Epcot Center
  • International Photographic Hall of Fame
  • Two time winner of Canon’s “Par Excellence Award"
  • Indiana Photographer of the Year
  • Regional Photographer of the Year
  • PPA Diamond Award
  • World Cup USA
  • Grand Imaging Award – twice

The portrait artist balances the art of light with compositional harmony while revealing the genuineness of an individual’s true character.

Jim Wyant

I began our introduction with a quote so that you, the reader, may understand the importance behind selecting a true professional for those special moments in your family’s life. Today, in a digital world of confused authenticity, the lines between professional and amateur have become blurred at the cost of photographic excellence.

Lois and I married in 1984, and she immediately partnered with me and my two year old business with the grand idea of blending portrait photography with photographic art. That is, understanding and applying the foundational principles of photography with a sense of human genuineness thereby exposing personality, reality, and character.

The business grew quickly as we developed our skills, both obtaining double degrees in the photographic field.

The bottom line is that we have a passion to create amazing images and share the beauty that is life with the world around us. Time has taught us how important family photography truly is as we survey the images of our own children in the family albums and wallls of our home. We experience the full spectrum of human emotions as we stop and relive those times captured in these images, and realize the treasure we hold through what has become our family heirlooms.

We hope you will join us in the fun and give us an opportunity to serve you and your family!

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