Fall Family Outside Pictures

We are so excited to share these fall family pictures.  It was such a cold day, but they handled it like real troopers.

We love so much creating family memories and there are times when it is difficult to get it all scheduled as was the case for this family.  The first scheduled date it rained :(.  We knew that we had a limited amount of leaves left on the trees and one more rain would knock them all down – so we had to buckle down and get them done!  It was so COLD!  The family layered and we met in Carmel, Indiana and the results were great.  The goose bumps were all covered and you can’t see the shivering teeth.

The big question “When is the best time for Fall Family Outside Pictures”

Such a hard question to answer!  We generally suggest that a good time is between Sept 15th and Oct 15th, we can’t guarantee how much color there will be, but the main goal is to try to get outside pictures while the leaves are still on the trees. See yesterdays post. Tips for great family pictures can be found on this page