Amazing Senior Album

I have to admit – this is definitely one of my all time favorite albums for a high school senior and this session was so much fun!  A must see.

An Amazing Senior Album doesn’t just happen, there is more thought about the senior and their activities.

We started at the senior’s home, I thought this was very special because as the senior goes off to his next adventure in life his mom can look back at the album and think about the many places in the house that remind her of his daily life at home.  Like the stair case that he came down for 18 years to get breakfast and to go to school, the outside pool that he played around with his brothers and friends.  The family room where they shared movies, Christmas and family conversations.  Also the front yard that he mowed, they sat around as a family on a nice day or the sight she saw as she looked out the window on his way to school.
These are all memories that a mother cherishes as her child goes off to college and even the adventure that they take along life.

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