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7 Steps to Better Photography
The Crash Course

“Give me just 4 hours of your time and I'll improve your photography skills beyond what you could have ever imagined!"

– Jim Wyant, Master Photographer Professional Photographers of America

This class is designed for photography beginners and photo enthusiasts looking to learn the basics of digital photography: both the art and the science of it. During this fast-paced 4-hour workshop, Jim Wyant will share with you a comprehensive overview of his seven-step method for creating amazing images.

What You Will Learn

Step 1: Basic Function of Today's Modern Digital Camera

You’ll learn and finally understand your camera! Whether you have a point & shoot, pro-summer model, or a top of the line professional DSLR, Bruce will make sure you get the most of your camera!

Step 2: The Technical Stuff

You’ll learn and understand what all those buttons and settings do! But more importantly, you’ll actually learn how to best use them! Bruce will be covering: - F Stops - Shutter Speed - White Balance - ISO (Light Sensitivity) - Proper Exposure

Step 3: Image Composition

Here’s is where you will learn about the “artsy” stuff and how to give your images more impact with: - Leading Lines - Converging Lines - The Rule of 3rds - Symmetrical and “A” Symmetrical - Creating a Center of Interest

Step 4: Lighting Techniques

Learn how to light like a pro with: 1. Finding and Creating “Direction of Light” 2. Sun vs. Shade 3. Indoor/Outdoor 4. Natural Light vs. Light Modifiers and Flash

Step 5: Making Your Subjects Look Their Best

Jim Wyant will share with you many of these secrets for making his subjects look their best! He’ll cover: - Proper Lens Perspective - Camera Angle - Posing - Expression - Spontaneity - Use of Props

Step 6: It's the Little Things

When it comes to bettering your photography, it’s all about refining the little things and looking for details. Jim will show you how to turn what would normally be a snapshot into a work of art!

Step 7: Enjoy Your Photographs After You've Created Them

You’ve created them…now what do you do with them??? Jim will demonstrate the latest ways to enjoy your images as fine art prints, albums, slideshows, and more! Bottom-line: no matter what your skill level is or the type of camera you own, Mastercraftsman Photographer Jim Wyant will give you some of the best information regarding photography you will ever receive. You’ll leave the classroom knowing how to operate your camera and the inspiration to put that knowledge into practice! Join Jim for his 7 Steps to Better Photography 4 Hour Crash Course!

7 Steps to Better Photography
The Crash Course

This is a pre-requisite to the advanced art classes.

In staying safe with COVID concerns all classes are limited to five people during this time.

May 14, 2022

Aug 6, 2022


June 11, 2022

Sept 17, 2022


There Are Four
Advanced Classes
These classes are available to those who have already taken the 7 Steps to Better Photography – The Crash Course.


The Art of Posing – A 2 Hour Photography Course

“Since we started Wyant’s Photo Workshops last year, I’ve wanted to share my secrets and have a class on posing! I’m excited it’s now available for my students!” – Jim Wyant, Master Photographer, Professional Photographers of America This class is designed for students who have taken the ‘7-Steps To Better Photography’ Course. Here’s what is covered in the 2-hour workshop: Why a class on posing? One of the hardest challenges facing photographers, both PROS & Photo Enthusiasts alike, is how to pose people so they look natural. In the past 2 decades, Bruce has taught hundreds of professional photographers the Art of Posing and now he has turned those concepts into a NEW class for Wyant’s Photo Workshops. The Art of Posing goes into depth covering the 10 principles of successful posing and how your subject(s) body language affects the overall mood of the photograph. Jim’s 2-hour class is approximately 1-hour of classroom time going over the 10 principles of Successful Posing, with the remaining time putting into practice what you’ve learned photographing subjects.


Beyond The Basics: Advanced Lighting Workshop

A 3 Hour “Hands-On” Class We recommend you take our flagship class~ ‘7 Steps To better Photography’ ~before any of our advanced classes! This 3-hour class is “hands-on” and is limited to only 10 students! Let’s face it, lighting can make or break a photograph! Join Jim as he shows you how to see, control, and manipulate light to enhance your photographs. In this class Jim will cover: Why lighting is SO Important – The right lighting scenario can turn a 2-dimensional image into a 3-dimensional masterpiece that will literally jump off the paper. Jim will take the time to show you how to see light as you’ve never seen it before. He will demonstrate how light works may it be indoor or outdoor. “Lighting principles are universal. Light is the same no matter where you are or what equipment you use!” Jim Wyant. How lighting effects, the overall feel or mood of the shot – What is hard light, what is soft light and how does it affect the overall feel of the image? Jim also discusses how the quality, intensity and different colors of light can also create specific moods. Ambient (natural) versus Artificial light – When and how do you use ambient light? When and how do you use artificial light including a flash or continuous lighting? Bruce will demonstrate the difference between in-camera, on camera, and off-camera flash. If you have a flash unit, we suggest that you bring it. The use of reflectors and scrims will also be shown and demonstrated. Studio Primer 101 – Even though you probably aren’t interested in becoming a pro or studio photographer, Bruce is going to show you what it’s like using 1, 2, 3, 4 or more studio lights. You’ll learn the difference between a Fill, Main or Key light, Accent or Kicker light. The lesson to be learned is that you can literally paint with light. This part of the class is a true eye-opener. Light Direction – What does it take to create a dramatic photograph? One of the major factors is how you light your subject. The more dramatic the lighting and lighting pattern, the more impact your image will have. Jim is a master at showing you how your lighting can flatter any kind of subject. “After spending 3 hours with Jim in this class, you will come away with a newfound appreciation for how light plays a major role in photography. This class will be a “game-changer” in instantly improving the quality of your image creation!” ~ Mark G., Bellingham


Beyond The Basics: Learn The Artsy Stuff

We recommend you take our flagship class ~ ‘7 Steps To better Photography’ ~ before any of our advanced classes! This 3-hour class is “hands-on” and is limited to only 10 students! What does it take to create photographs that have an impact and look more than a snapshot? Yes, the technical stuff has a huge part in producing outstanding photography, but learning to see and applying artistic principles will take your photography to new levels. There are specific artistic rules and technics that anyone can learn and implement and that’s what Jim teaches in this class. “Some people think that they can never become artistic, but I disagree. Spend 3 hours with me and I’ll teach you to see things differently and use what you see to change the quality of your photography!” Jim Wyant Here’s what Jim will cover: What types of Composition are more effective? Rather than just pointing and shooting a scene, let’s put some thought into it. Why do some images draw us into the photograph while others fall flat? It has to do with the composition of the image. Jim explains different types of composition and then has you execute them in his assignments. You will learn the rule of 3rds, symmetrical and vanishing point “The key with any type of composition is to turn a 2-dimensional scene into the illusion of 3 dimensions. I help my students understand with an application approach vs. theory” Leading Lines One thing that helps bring a composition to life is the use of leading lines. Jim shows various examples of diagonal, horizontal, vertical & converging lines as well as C curves and S curves. He also points out how to maximize those lines in your composition to create impact. “Showing examples is great, but I want my students to be able to see what I see and then photograph examples to reinforce what they’ve learned.” Use of Color Color is one of the most powerful design elements in photography. The use of color can evoke strong emotions in an image both consciously or sub-consciously. Jim explores with his students the use of color harmony, contrasting colors, monochromatic, and levels of saturation. How do those color elements affect the viewer’s mood? You’ll be surprised how powerful the use of color has in every image we see! “I have been shooting a DSLR for years and have always found a way to get the kinds of photos I wanted through trial and error. It took longer than I wanted or I settled for ok photos. Then I found Jim’s photography classes. I have taken 3 classes one a 3 month period and I have improved my skills and confidence with my camera. I walked away from the basic class with the skills to shoot photos in manual mode, improving my ability to shoot in low light with no flash. The advanced class built on those skills and the practical lessons helped me gain a total understanding of my camera. the last class I took was the lighting class. This was an amazing class with lots of practice in applying the theory of the classroom portion. I am sure I will take additional classes in the future from Jim but in a short time I have moved into a new world of skills and confidence.” ~ Jim B. Texture Textures also a design element that adds to the artistic impact of a photograph. There’s texture everywhere we look and it can come in various forms. How does hard texture versus soft texture impact a photograph? How can you enhance or minimize the use of texture? Can texture contribute to the overall composition of a photograph? Once again Bruce will answer all of these questions and give assignments to reinforce what you discover! Story Telling Every photograph should convey a story. Sometimes the story is obvious, sometimes it’s hidden. How can you as a photographic artist inject more storytelling qualities into your images? Jim is a master at telling stories with his clients photography….because he does it every day. In this 3 hour class he will share how he tells stories and why they’re so important in the artist merit of photography. Why you should take this class? Jim has admittedly mentioned on a number of cases that this is one of his favorite classes to teach. “I love watching my students come alive when they are finally able to see past just the technical aspects of the camera. That’s when the fun begins and the creative juices flourish! I love it!” Jim Wyant


Basic Photoshop Workshop

Class Requirements: Laptop or Desktop and Photoshop Installed (Any Version) This class is 100% interactive and all of the materials will be provided by Jim so you can work along with him! This class is designed for the aspiring Photoshop artist! Our designer Jim will guide you through the ins and outs of basic Photoshop. This 3 hours hands-on workshop features one on one instruction, class assignments, and you’ll walk away with a basic knowledge of all Photoshop Tools! Here’s What You’ll Learn During Amy’s Photoshop Class: - Work Space - Pallets - Understanding Layers - Cropping - Vignette your Images - Levels - Hue/Saturation - Black and White Image Conversions - Selective Color - JPG vs. RAW Image Formats - How to use Photoshop - Correcting Exposure - Quick Keys - Text - Custom Brush Creation - 2 Special Projects so You Can Practice What we Have Learned - Q & A with Demonstration

May 14, 2022

The Art of Posing

June 11, 2022

Advanced Lighting

Aug. 6, 2022

The Artsy Stuff


Sept. 17, 2022

Basic Photoshop